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TES Process

The TES work-process is the product of its experience, domain expertise and quality standards – a potpourri of technology, research and customization.

Our process is based on a step-by-step approach for utmost efficiency. The process starts with the client giving us basic information about the project with the existing drawings, defining the tasks and providing a sample of what is expected out of the project. A review by our team follows, narrowing down the procedure in adherence with the project requirement, and finally, the preparation of an agreement.

We then interact with the client regarding the information received, during which we finalize the delivery schedule and set up a timeline for regular communication. Resources are also allocated at this stage and a mutually agreed-upon project protocol is established. We regularly keep in touch with our clients regarding the progress of the project with regular progress reviews, exchange of documents, and finally, we mail the final documents to the client for project closure.