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TES Infrastructure

We realize that seamless communication is of paramount importance when it comes to architectural or engineering services. Be it on a project in India as a lead consultant or working with a client globally as their resourcing partner, we have the infrastructure to enable our team to put in their best efforts.

Our studios are equipped with top-of-the-line CAD, CAE and CAM software. Our team operates the latest versions of the following:

  1. Autocad
  2. Revit
  3. 3D Studio Max
  4. Staad Pro
  5. Tekla
  6. Strucad

Our office is fully networked with high-speed communication links and a wide range of high-end scanning, digitizing and plotting hardware. The office is secured by 24-hour security and access control systems.

Information Exchange

To facilitate strong communication and smooth information exchange, we extensively use:

  • Video conferencing facilities
  • Telecommunication via VOIP lines
  • Graphic data exchange using FTP sites (password protected)
  • Top-of-the-line file management software like NewForma
  • Redlined drawings/ calculation sheets that can be uploaded on FTP sites
  • Electronic mark-up tools
  • Manual mark-ups and scanning
  • Desktop sharing sessions
  • All project related queries in RFI/ communication log format

Data Security

  • Confidentiality agreements with clients and employees
  • No client/ project information disclosed without written consent from client
  • All project data owned by client
  • Restricted access to classified information
  • External media disabled on all computers
  • Internet access available to senior managers only
  • All data resides on the central server