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TES Quality Assurance

This is perhaps the most-use term of the last two decades. At TES, quality means:

  • Fitness of purpose
  • Elimination of errors

Quality Assurance at TES is based on the principle of Zero Assumption. In other words, we do not assume anything. The most common assumptions in Quality Management is: If the process is right the quality will be right.

In such a scenario, quality assurance actually becomes process-checking. Our quality assurance does include the well-researched and documented methods of:

  • Checklists
  • Reviews by self, peer and supervisor
  • Audits
  • Documentation
  • Accountability
  • Periodic systemic improvement

In addition to these, we work on the following tenets:

1. Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

2. Root Cause Analysis: Find the source of the error and you will find the answer

3. Process Ageing: There is no foolproof process. It has to be designed in an open ended fashion with scope for customization at the work bench

With us, the quality team is not the quality police. We continuously empower our workers, respect their competence and make them accountable for the quality of their results. This decentralization of quality has led to:

  • The lowest record of errors in the industry
  • Ownership
  • Regular flow of ideas for improvement