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TES Design Support Services

Drawings are the magic by which a designer can transform his castles in the air to concrete.

We, at TES, understand the importance of design documentation at each stage of the project.  To reword the phrase above, drawings are the language by which designs are conveyed to the people responsible for converting them into real and tangible buildings or objects. In the language of drawing, lines are the alphabets that carry the design intent. Each line conveys a different meaning, depending on its thickness, line-type, scale, placement, etc.

Errors in drawings can lead to flawed construction, wrong pricing or delayed deliveries.All of these can result in loss of time, money or function of the intended design. In many countries, the construction drawing set is a legal document and the architect is liable for any losses caused by errors in the drawings.  We believe that we have an ethical and moral responsibility to make our drawings free of such errors.

This focused approach to design documentation has enabled us to be the design support service partner of choice to many international design firms.

We offer the following Design Support Services:

CAD Services

TES offers CAD services for Architecture, Structural/ Civil and MEP Engineering through the project life cycle. TES can partner with you on different CAD platforms and works as an extension of your in-house team.

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BIM Services

TES offers BIM services for Architecture, Structural/ Civil, MEP Engineering and Steel Detailing projects through out the project life cycle. With competence on multiple platforms, TES can be a one-stop solution for all your BIM needs.

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