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TES CAD Services

CAD entered the world in the 60s when the automotive industry in the US used this ‘wonderful technology’ to help design and visualize complicated designs of automobiles. Rechristened now as CAD (Computer Aided Design), this technology has been the foundation of the AEC world since the 90s.

This technology has taken the architecture industry to new heights.Implementing the latest technology,it empowers professionals to transcend the boundaries of imagination and empowers them to realize their ideas, improving the building structural designwithout stretching timelines or costs. In essence, CAD helps provide the architect with an accurate representation of the completed structure, which gives specific information that translates into better execution.

CAD has allowed the AEC Industry to do many wonderful things, like:

  • Innovation
  • Faster changes
  • Compact storage
  • Better planning
  • Analysis
  • Better visualization
  • Coordination of services

At the same time, like any invention, this double-edged sword has its own dangers, namely errors from:

  • Copy and paste
  • Save As
  • Layer mismanagement
  • Importing or exporting files
  • Explode command
  • External referencing (X Ref)
  • Plotting
  • Units
  • Scales
  • Naming
  • (Lack of) Text proofing
  • Software compatibility
  • CAD technicians with no architectural or engineering education

We, at TES, ensure our drawings are error free by following these steps:

  • Recruitment of competent and trained professionals
  • Process
  • Quality Assurance
  • Besides improving the building structural design, we also help you manage your project better

The TES team stays focused on exactly how the structure needs to be constructed, which reduces the chances of human error to a minimum. We have a skilled team of CAD professionals who work with the most trusted software in the industry to help our clients achieve their business objectives. In an industry where budgets and timelines are of such critical importance, you can rely on TES to deliver when it matters the most!