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TES Bulk Material Handling Design Services

Large industries like Power Plants, Refineries, Aeronautics and Avionics handle large sizes and quantities of material to convey over large distances and heights. Handling of such materials cannot be done by standard methods like carts, forklifts, etc. Bulk material handling is a specialized stream of industrial design, which TES is proud to have an expertise in.

The large format industries mentioned above use or produce material which is either large in size or quantity. This material needs to be conveyed over a particular distance often involving a drop in height, like coal at a power plant. The material conveying system has to handle the weight of the product, ensure the requisite speed and most of all, be safe and cost effective at the same time.

Bulk Material Handling Services at TES are as follows:

  • System design (based on cycle-time, capacity and material specifications)
  • Schematic and flow diagrams
  • Drive calculation and load data analysis
  • GA and detailed drawings for hoppers, belt conveyors and chutes
  • Generation of BOM and data sheets for bought-out items
  • Design anddetailing of supporting structures (galleries, trestles, transfer towers, etc.)