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TES BIM Services

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, has been the lifeline of the architecture, engineering and construction industries for many years now. It covers various facets in the overall construction of the structure, like spatial relationships, geometry, geographic information, light analysis, etc. The software is an essential aid in a result-oriented work environment, with regards to building engineering services. At TES, we understand that ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’. Our BIM team, besides being BIM proficient, is also well versed in building construction.We use BIM as a tool to collaborate with our clients and fulfill their requirements using an in-depth design process based on thought-leadership and cost-effectiveness.

TES offers building engineering services based on the BIM platform to ensure optimum quality construction documentation and planning, performance predictions and accurate budget estimates. We make projects safer via timely conflict detection and also contribute in the construction management process. Material procurement and budgeting also forms a key aspect of our building engineering services, because we cut costs without compromising on quality.

We are proud to mention our expertise in the following BIM software:

  • Revit
  • Archicad
  • Microstation
  • Vector Works
  • TeklaBIMsight